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Editing Certificate Program

What is an Editing Certificate Program?

Our editing certificate program provides an easy way for authors to prove that their manuscript has been reviewed by a native English speaking professional with expertise in their area of research. Many journal editors do not want to spend time reviewing a paper that is difficult to read and understand due to improper English. They may even reject a paper without review due to a first impression that the manuscript is not well written. Our program provides journal editors with the confidence to proceed with the review of your manuscript, focusing specifically on the significance and contribution of your study.

Many journals recognize the value of this program and require proof of editing before review. Even if the journal does not require proof of editing, there are real benefits to being proactive in your efforts to address this common rejection reason.

NOTE: We cannot certify the language quality of any changes introduced to documents after we return your completed revisions. For this reason, our editing certificates state that we will provide a copy of the revised manuscript to the journal or publisher upon request. Authors retain sole responsibility for the scientific content of edited documents. We cannot guarantee the outcome of revised document submission, including acceptance of manuscripts for publication.

How do I get an editing certificate for my manuscript?

Simply request a certificate when submitting your manuscript, and be sure to use the same title and author list that will be submitted to the journal. The journal editor can use this information to validate that the document submitted is the same document that was edited by BioScience Writers.

What does an editing certificate look like?

View our Sample Certificate

If you request an editing certificate, the certificate will be included with your completed revisions and invoice. There is no additional charge for this service. Please Email or call us today with any questions you might have.

If you are a journal or publisher representative and wish to validate a certificate provided by a submitting author, please visit our editing certificate validation page.


Walter Bigford, Chief Information Officer