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Marketing Materials

Editing and Writing Services

Marketing materials must be accurate and well written to be effective, but writing clear and compelling pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or biomedical content can be challenging due to the highly technical nature of these marketing materials. The editors and writers at BioScience Writers specialize in preparing scientific and medical documents and related technical materials. Our writers and editors are trained scientists who bring their understanding of technical content and intent to your marketing material. We provide editing or writing assistance for brochures, product labels, white pages, web pages, or other marketing material.

When working directly with clients who have prepared marketing materials in-house, BioScience Writers will ensure that your materials are high quality and accurately represent your products. We also work with marketing firms to ensure that their client’s work is polished and free of any errors that might make otherwise excellent content appear sloppy and unprofessional.

Translation Services

BioScience Writers provides high-quality translation of marketing materials from English into any other language and vice versa. Our experts will translate text in most formats, including Word, PDF, Excel, and others.

Our rapid, high-quality assistance is provided at a reasonable cost with personalized attention to your needs. To get started, email or call us today to discuss your editing, writing, or translation needs for marketing materials.

One of our many satisfied clients has shared the following comment about their experience using our services for brochures and product package marketing materials.

“Everything was perfect and professional. I will have more work for you in a couple of days on some brochures. Thank you.”
Kevin Moroney, Moroney & Gill, Inc.


Walter Bigford, Chief Information Officer