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Michael Q., Ph.D.


Michael has a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from the University of Houston. While completing his Bachelor's degree in biomedical science at Texas A&M University, he studied the broad field of applied biology related to health and disease with an emphasis on clinical microbiology. In his doctoral work, he used experimental evolution to study tradeoffs between fitness and virus resistance and how the cost of resistance interacts with changes in environmental conditions. As a postdoctoral researcher, he worked on medical and environmental genomics using next-generation sequencing technologies. His post-doctoral projects included studies of viral genomic mimicry, environmental meta-genomics associated with natural and manmade disasters, studies of the human microbiome in healthy and diseased individuals, and cancer genomics. During this time he assisted graduate students in communicating their research in written form for publication and completion of dissertations. He has published in Evolution and reviewed manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals including Evolution and Proceedings of the Royal Society.