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Click on any workshops that have open registration to learn how to sign up. If none of the workshops currently scheduled allow open registration, contact us at the following address for more information. Contact us by email

We will provide price quotes based on your location and group size. Workshop content and duration can be customized to meet your specific needs. For a detailed description of our scientific writing workshops, please visit our workshop page.

  Registration   Workshop   Start Date   End Date   Country   Location  
 Private HSAWTM-UUSM-0217 2017-02-24 2017-02-26 Turkey Ufuk University School of Medicine 
 Private ACW-FGS-0117 2017-01-10 2017-01-10 United States Florida Geological Survey 
 Private HIP-TAMU-1216 2016-12-06 2016-12-06 United States Texas A&M 
 Private SWW-EUM-1216A 2016-12-02 2016-12-03 United States Emory University Medical School 
 Private SWW-EUM-1216B 2016-12-02 2016-12-03 United States Emory University Medical School 
 Private WW-PSTDP-1016B 2016-11-22 2016-11-30 United States Texas Children's Hospital – Houston 
 Private ESWGW-TAMU-1016 2016-10-28 2016-10-29 United States Texas A&M 
 Private WW-PSTDP-1016A 2016-10-17 2016-10-26 United States Texas Children's Hospital – Houston 
 Private SWW-SACNAS-1016 2016-10-13 2016-10-15 United States SACNAS 2016  
 Private CPNB-TAMU-0916 2016-09-22 2016-09-22 United States Texas A&M 
 Private GWC-IMSD-0816 2016-08-01 2016-08-31 United States Baylor College of Medicine 
 Private PNB-TAMU-0716 2016-07-29 2016-07-29 United States Texas A&M 
 Private PJA-TAMU-0716 2016-07-29 2016-07-29 United States Texas A&M 
 Private HISP-TAMU-0716 2016-07-27 2016-07-27 United States Texas A&M 
 Private ESW-TAMU-0716 2016-07-25 2016-07-26 United States Texas A&M 
 Private SS-CCBSURP-0716 2016-07-15 2016-07-15 United States Rice University 
 Private EGW-TAMU-0616 2016-06-27 2016-06-28 United States Texas A&M 
 Public SWW-ASM-0616 2016-06-16 2016-06-16 United States ASM Microbe 2016 
 Private FWW-OSU-0616 2016-06-08 2016-06-08 United States The Ohio State University 
 Private SS-CCBSURP-0616 2016-06-03 2016-06-03 United States Rice University 
 Private SWW-BCM-AUGIE-0616 2016-06-01 2016-06-30 United States Augustana College, Rock Island Illinois 
 Private ESW-TAMU-0516A 2016-05-31 2016-06-01 United States Texas A&M 
 Public SS-TCH-0316 2016-03-09 2016-03-09 United States Texas Children's Hospital 
 Private CDW-AWIS-AMWA-0316 2016-03-09 2016-03-09 United States Robert Cizik Eye Clinic 
 Private ISW-PREP-0316 2016-02-23 2016-04-12 United States Baylor College of Medicine 
 Public SS-EMORY-0216 2016-02-22 2016-02-22 United States Emory University Chemistry Graduate Program 
 Public SS-UTHSC-0116 2016-01-15 2016-01-15 United States University of Texas Health Science Center  
 Private SWW-SACNAS-1015 2015-10-28 2015-10-28 United States SACNAS 2015 Postdoc Retreat 
 Private WW-PSTDP-1115 2015-10-26 2015-11-03 United States Feigin Center - Texas Medical Center 
 Public SS-UTHSC-0915 2015-08-17 2015-08-24 United States University of Texas Health Science Center  
Many more workshops have been held in Brazil, Chile, China, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.


Steve R., PhD, Cell Biology Editor,
Workshop Instructor