Grant Proposal Editing and Proofreading Services.
Grant Proposal Editing and Proofreading Services
The competition for grant proposal funding is increasing significantly as institutions withdraw or limit the amount of support that they are willing to provide.  This increasing competition over grant funding highlights the importance of using every means available to increase the likelihood that a grant proposal will be favorably reviewed and accepted.  Many researchers fail to recognize the value of using a third party editor to assist in improving the quality of their grant proposal.  Don't underestimate your competition and miss out on providing every advantage possible for your important grant proposal.
Grant Proposals
BioScience Writers specializes in the preparation, editing, and proofreading of grant proposals.  Our editors can help improve the quality of your grant proposal while simultaneously saving you time.  We offer an extensive range of services to better provide any level of service needed to complete your grant proposal.  Some of the services we can provide include:
  * Standard editing and proofreading of grant proposals.
  * Complete preparation (composition and editing) of all grant proposal components.
  * Subject matter and literature research.
  * Specialized document development, technical writing, and
          formatting for specific funding sources including federal, state, municipal,
          foundations, trusts, and corporations.
  * Standard and electronic submission of final proposals.
Because of the wide variation in grant length and requirements for federal and private funding agencies, individual quotes will be provided based on the amount of service requested.  Please contact us with specific requests and for advice on the most economical approaches to grant proposal reviews.  Personal consultations to discuss proposal development are available.  One-on-one personal consultations are available for $500-$800 a day plus travel expenses.


Flexible scheduling and standing order contracts are available for larger volume and institutional accounts.   Contact us directly if you would like to discuss these options.  We offer a free trial that allows you to submit up to 300 words of your grant proposal free of charge to see first hand how our editors can help you.
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