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June 12, 2019
BioScience Writers returns to Yonsei University- Seoul, South Korea - July 2019

June 5, 2019
BSW to present a Teamwork Skills Workshop at Texas A&M- College Station - June 2019

March 11, 2019
Article: Effective use of verb tense in scientific writing

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Scientific Editing and Writing Article Library

Welcome to the BioScience Writers article library. Our articles combine the expert help attendees receive in our scientific writing workshops with special editing-insider guidance. BioScience Writers' scientific writing and editing articles are provided free of charge.

We hope you will find our growing collection of material helpful. If there is a particular topic you want us to address in an article, please email or call to let us know. We wish you much success and productive writing!

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  Date     Article Title  
 2019-03-11 Effective Use of Verb Tense in Scientific Writing 
 2018-11-07 Fixing right-to-left text in Microsoft Word 
 2018-10-22 Species Taxonomy Nomenclature 
 2018-08-27 Microsoft Time-Saving Tips—Quick Parts: 
 2018-06-18 NIH Requirements for Scientific Premise 
 2018-02-01 Tips for Marking Changes to an NIH Grant Resubmission 
 2018-01-09 Tips on Literature Searching in PubMed 
 2017-12-04 Writing a Systematic Review Part VI: Comparing Studies 
 2017-11-06 Writing a Systematic Review Part V: Determining Bias 
 2017-10-09 Writing a Systematic Review Part IV: Screening and Extracting Data 
 2017-09-04 Writing a Systematic Review Part III: Identifying literature—Designing a Search 
 2017-08-07 Writing a Systematic Review Part II: Identifying literature—Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria 
 2017-07-03 Writing a Systematic Review Part I: How to Design your Aim 
 2017-06-05 Three Essential Tips for Writing an Awesome Scientific Manuscript Introduction 
 2017-04-03 Introduction to the Relationship Between Researchers and Journalists 
 2017-01-10 Tips for writing a Highlights section of a Scientific Manuscript 
 2016-12-07 Career Development (K) Awards offered by the NIH – navigating the options and eligibility requirements 
 2016-11-22 What is Grant Consulting and how can I benefit from it? 
 2016-05-23 Why was my manuscript rejected, and what can I do about it? 
 2016-04-18 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Manuscript Publication 
 2016-03-11 The F Series of NIH Fellowships – Tips for Writing an Outstanding Fellowship Application 
 2015-09-21 Grant Opportunities through the Gates Foundation 
 2015-06-26 Tips for Writing Outstanding Scientific Figure Legends 
 2015-05-18 How to get the most Help from your NIH Program Officer 
 2015-04-09 NIH Grant Applications - The Anatomy of a Specific Aims Page 
 2015-01-05 Reference Software for Scholarly Articles and Grant Applications 
 2014-12-01 Should I Apply for an R01, R03, or R21 NIH Grant Award 
 2014-11-03 Writing an Academic CV or Résumé 
 2014-09-22 Writing NIH Grant Proposal Cover Letters 
 2014-08-25 Top 10 Tips for Reducing Word Count in Scientific Documents 
 2014-07-03 Writing Abstracts for Scientific Conferences 
 2014-06-01 Visual Design for Scientific Poster Presentations 
 2014-05-03 How to Write a Strong Discussion in Scientific Manuscripts 
 2014-01-30 Guidelines for Formatting Gene and Protein Names 
 2014-01-09 Digital Identifiers of Scientific Literature (PMID, PMCID, NIHMS, DOI) and How to Use Them 
 2013-09-24 Responding to Comments from Peer Reviewers 
 2013-08-28 Measuring Your Research Impact Using the H-Index 
 2013-07-23 Choosing an Open Access Journal: Avoiding “Predatory” Journals 
 2013-02-19 Writing the Results Section for a Scientific Manuscript 
 2012-12-28 Top 10 Basic Errors BioScience Writers Corrects in Scientific Manuscripts 
 2012-11-04 Resources for Scientific Grant Writing 
 2012-09-29 Writing Cover Letters for Scientific Manuscripts 
 2012-09-05 Top 10 Good Habits in Scientific Writing 
 2012-08-24 Impact Factors and Your Scientific Manuscript 
 2012-07-27 Selecting a Target Journal for Your Scientific Manuscript 
 2012-06-21 Using Topic Sentences to Write Stronger, Better-Organized Scientific Manuscripts 
 2012-04-29 Writing Abstracts for Research Manuscripts 
 2012-04-01 Writing Strong Titles for Research Manuscripts 
 2012-03-15 Ten Reasons to Make Quality Your Top Priority when Selecting a Scientific Editing Company 

Brandon C., PhD, Genetics Editor