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Legal Disclaimer

By sending us your document, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


BioScience Writers treats its customers' documents with strict confidentiality. All of our editors sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. We also use some of the strongest protective measures commercially available to protect your critical documents. BioScience Writers disclaims any liability for the theft, misappropriation, unauthorized publication, or use of any document submitted to BioScience Writers online.


BioScience Writers will take reasonable care with the editing, proofreading, and format conversion of all documents. We take great pride in our work and will attempt to work with the author when any questions arise concerning the content or meaning of the text. However, the author remains solely responsible for the content, meaning, interpretation, and use of the document, and for the quality, veracity, accuracy and completeness of the scientific content of the edited document, including formulae, processes, descriptions, sketches, and other non-textual materials. BioScience Writers disclaims any liability for any loss, damage, or injury (including incidental, consequential, punitive, or special damages) resulting from reliance upon, or use of, the content of any edited document.

BioScience Writers is not responsible for changes introduced to documents after we return the completed revisions to the author.

Not a Peer Review; No Guarantee of Results

BioScience Writers does not validate, asses, analyze, or confirm any quantitative results in the document, or pass upon the quality, veracity, accuracy, and completeness of the scientific content of edited documents. BioScience Writers cannot guarantee that the edited document meets any entity's standards for publication, grant funding, or any other purpose.

Ownership of Submissions

BioScience Writers strives to ensure that the submission of documents complies with any institutional or governmental guidelines or restrictions known to us. We also strive to ensure that the document has been submitted by the true author or their representative. However, it is not possible to verify the identity or location of the person submitting the document in all cases, or to ascertain whether they have the unrestricted right to submit the document without the consent or involvement of a research sponsor, institution, governmental body, or co-authors. BioScience Writers disclaims any liability for any alleged violation of import/export restrictions, misuse, misappropriation, conversion, copyright infringement, or violation of any other intellectual property rights of any person or entity.