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Ten Reasons to Make Quality Your Top Priority when Selecting a Scientific Editing Company.

Release Date: March 15, 2012
Category: Selecting an Editing Company

Authors often consider a variety of factors when selecting a scientific editing company, including cost, quality, areas of specialization, and client service. However, many of these factors are actually elements of quality. Guaranteed specialization, excellent client service, experience, trustworthiness, and dependability are all part of providing high-quality scientific editing.

Many authors make quality their top priority when selecting a scientific editing company, and we identified 10 reasons why you should too.

  1. High-quality editing provides a good return on your investment. Any amount paid for poor editing is wasted.
  2. High-quality editing is often less expensive in the end: no need to pay for second (or even third) edits to correct mistakes or poor editing.
  3. High-quality editing reflects well on you, eliminating embarrassing mistakes and poor sentence construction that low-quality editing services often leave behind.
  4. Journal editors often reject poorly edited manuscripts without reviewing the merits of the research. High-quality editing helps you “get it right the first time” and increases the likelihood that your target journal will accept your manuscript for review.
  5. High-quality editing helps enhance your message and increase the impact of your findings. Journal editors and readers may not grasp your meaning if it is poorly presented. Even worse, editors and readers may disregard your research if it is presented with errors or inconsistencies that high-quality editing would have helped you resolve.
  6. Journal rejection based on poor editing wastes valuable time and delays publication of your important research. The time you spend waiting for another revision is time that the journal could be reviewing your manuscript.
  7. High-quality editing can resolve many problems with a manuscript, from correcting spelling errors to making revisions that improve the clarity and impact of your ideas. This helps make the writing process easier and faster for you by reducing the amount of effort and time you spend to draft and revise your manuscripts.
  8. High-quality editing services often provide better customer service and ‘perks’ like free journal formatting and fast turnaround service.
  9. High-quality editing services use only scientific editors with a Ph.D. or M.D. degree—never students or editors without scientific expertise or publishing experience. Student editors and editors without science-specific training or personal experience navigating the peer review process cannot provide a high level of scientific knowledge and experience when reviewing your manuscripts.
  10. A professional relationship with a high-quality editing service gives you confidence that your research is always presented in good English with as much impact as possible, in every manuscript. There is no reason to worry when you trust your editing service.

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