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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions that have not been answered on this page, or even if you just prefer to speak to someone in person, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.
*What types of documents do you edit?
*What exactly will you do to improve my writing?
*How is the editing done?
*Can you format my manuscript for a particular journal?
*What file formats can you handle?
*How long will it take to edit my document?
*How much will it cost?
*What are your payment policies?
*Is your service confidential?
*Is your service secure?
*What are your credentials?
*How can I determine the status of my document?
*What if I am not happy with the work?
*How do I submit a document?
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What types of documents do you edit?
A. We edit and proofread all types of scientific documents, including manuscripts, proposals, reports, dissertations, and theses in all disciplines of biology, biomedicine, and biotechnology
Q. What exactly will you do to improve my writing?
A. We will proofread and correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb tense consistency, noun-verb agreement, and formatting consistency.  We will also edit for clarity, style and impact.  This includes eliminating jargon, smoothing language, and rewriting to improve sentence clarity.
Q. How is the editing done?
A. All editing is done on a computer in the word processor of your choice. When finished, we will provide you with a final edited copy as well as a copy showing all editorial changes so that you can accept or reject each revision individually.
Q. Can you format my manuscript for a particular journal?
A. Yes!  This can sometimes add additional time (and thereby cost) to the job depending on how closely it currently matches the requirements of the specified journal.  We always want to know what journal your document is being prepared for so that we can make suggestions, even if you prefer to do the formatting yourself.
Q. What file formats can you handle?
A. We can handle a wide variety of file formats for both the PC and the MAC. Which operating system and word processor you use is a standard question on our document submission form.  See our services page for a complete listing.  If you don't see your program or version in the listing, call or email us and we can probably get it right away.
Q. How long will it take to edit my document?
A. Typical turnaround time for a 20-page manuscript is three to five days.  Larger documents, such as research grants, require more time but can usually be completed in seven to ten working days.  You can email us your document for a free, no-obligation time estimate and price quote. Rush service is available upon request but, depending on the time frame, document size, and complexity, it may require an additional charge.
Q. How much will it cost?
A. Since all work is done on an hourly basis, you can reduce costs by spell-checking your document and making sure it is well organized.  Visit our prices page for our hourly rate and a more detailed table of the approximate number of pages that can be completed based on the level of editing.
Q. What are your payment policies?
A. Payment is due within 30 days of delivery of the completed project.  Payment is due in US dollars and can be made by check, money order, wire or electronic funds transfer, institutional purchase order, or credit card.  Wire transfer payments require a $10 (US) bank-processing fee.  We understand and accept that purchase order payments take much longer to process. Visit our payments page for additional information.
Q. Is your service confidential?
A. All work submitted is held as strictly confidential.  All of our editors have worked on grant review boards and therefore fully understand the implications of editing your scientific document.  We take confidentiality to the next level and require all of our editors to sign a company nondisclosure agreement.  Under no circumstances will your document be viewed by anyone outside our company staff.  If you wish, we can provide you with a signed confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement before we review your document.
Q. Is your service secure?
A. We take security very seriously.  We have an IT security professional on staff to insure that all possible security precautions and standards are followed.  All of our servers are placed behind a firewall and are provided with the latest security updates.  All traffic going into and out of our network is monitored daily for any suspicious activity.  All files are stored on a secure server for which only our administrators have access.
Q. What are your credentials?
A. All of our staff members maintain active roles at various Universities. Because we have editors that work in many areas of biological science, there is always someone with the expertise needed to edit your paper without disrupting your distinctive tone and concepts.
Q. How can I determine the status of my document?
A. If you submit your document via the online submission form you will receive an automatic confirmation email providing you with your logon ID and password. If you submit via email, please ask us and we will provide you with this information. Using your ID and password you can log on to the system at any time to check the status of your document, your account balance, change your personal information, or submit a new request. Of course you can also call or email us at any time to find out this information.
Q. What if I am not happy with the work?
A. We will attempt to quickly and completely resolve any problems that occur as a result of our interactions.  However, if you find that you are still not completely satisfied with our services, contact us within 30 days of receiving your edited document and we will provide a complete refund.
Q. How do I submit a document?
A. There are numerous ways in which to submit a document. Most of our clients simply email it to us. If you do email us your document and you are a new client, please provide us with your telephone number(s), mailing address, institution name, and department.  We also provide an online submission form for those that prefer to submit their documents online. If you email us the necessary information you do not need to enter anything via the online submission form. If you cannot email a document due to size restrictions imposed by your institution, we can provide a logon ID and password to allow uploading the document to an FTP server. We will also accept documents shipped to us on CD. Sorry, we only accept documents provided to us on some form of electronic media. However, we will accept charts and figures sent via FAX transmission.
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